1. Get This Look: Spring Style at Stages West

    Get This Look: Spring Style at Stages West

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    Why is it that whenever a new season ‘springs’ up we are shaken into sudden panic when we open our closets? The thought process goes something like this, “Oh shoot…I have nothing to wear. What did I even wear last season? I need more floral patterns…and colors…and well, just anything!”...
  2. Celebs Who Rock Cowboy Couture—Get Their Look!

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    The life of a celebrity seems fascinating, doesn’t it? Why else would we be so invested in their lives, constantly wondering what they are up to, who they are dating, and most importantly--what they are wearing! There’s no shame in creeping on celebrities’ Twitter’s, Instagram’s, etc. just...

  3. Winter Boot Care Tips To Keep Your Boots Looking Brand New!

    Winter Boot Care Tips To Keep Your Boots Looking Brand New!

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    As soon as the weather cools down even the slightest bit, it’s time to get your boots out and officially declare it “boot season.” This can happen as early as September for some folks and extend well through April—for others it’s a glorious, year-round affair. For those living in places wh...
  4. Five Style Resolutions for 2015

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    A New Year means new resolutions - or for some of us, it means the same ones from last year. As we conclude the first week of 2015, you either a) have already given up on them or b) still don’t have any. Regardless of whether you like or hate making resolutions—we bring to you five style resolut...
  5. Find the Perfect Gifts for HER

    Find the Perfect Gifts for HER

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    Guys—Do you need some help finding Christmas gifts for the women in your life? Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, or even your mother, we know how much of a hassle it can be trying to find the perfect gift she is secretly dying for.  But fret no more! We have a holiday shopping guide that will...

  6. Dress to Impress for Less at Stages West

    Dress to Impress for Less at Stages West

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    Who doesn’t love to save? Between all the holiday parties you will be attending and the Christmas gifts you will be buying, new outfits are a necessity, right? And if you can have options that are cute and on sale, why not shop ‘til you drop? Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier every ye...
  7. Christmas Shopping Guide For The Men In Your Life

    Christmas Shopping Guide For The Men In Your Life

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    Such a late Thanksgiving only means Christmas will be here before we know it. It’s crazy enough to think we are already almost half way through November. But do not fear! We are here to help you get a jump start on your Christmas shopping for the special man in your life. Maybe that man in your li...
  8. Sarah Darling Tells Us Her Boot Story   

    Sarah Darling Tells Us Her Boot Story  

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    Do you remember your first pair of boots? Did you literally wear them out until there the heels disappeared? People wear boots to concerts, on the farm, during travel or just for everyday style. You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear boots. Considering all the places you see boots, this kind of foo...
  9. Welcome to the NEW!

    Welcome to the NEW!

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    Some things just keep getting better! You may have noticed our website changed recently. We’ve completely revamped and updated our website,! Our number one priority is pleasing customers, and this redesign was done with that in mind. What resulted is a simplified shopping experi...

  10. Country Artists With the Best Country Western Closets

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    Fashion inspiration is a vicious cycle. There’s absolutely no shame in copying outfits of your favorite celebrities. After all, they most likely created their fashion from someone else. This week, we are going to feature four Country superstars whose styles mimic clothing we carry at Stages West. ...

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